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  • 2025 FEES: $70 per session (charged weekly). 

  • Please Note: Wombats Playschool is registered with the Government Child Care Subsidy scheme. 

  • The daily session fee of $70 is 'prior' to CCS being applied. Families eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy will only pay the 'Gap' fee.

  • Parents wishing to claim the CCS need to hold a CRN and the child enrolled at Wombats also needs a CRN

  • Our $200 Enrolment/Application Fee is a one-off non-refundable charge. It covers all your child's administration costs for the year and includes a logo printed hat.

  • Our Incursion & Events Levy is $25.00 per child per term

  • Fees are set by the Parent Committee and are reviewed annually.

  • Wombats is a not for profit organisation, so we aim to keep fees as low as possible, while still maintaining a high quality program.

  • Our daily sessions run from 9.15am - 1.45pm Monday - Friday 

  • Wombats Playschool operates in conjunction with ACT Public Schools terms.

  • Regular sessions are not conducted during school holidays or public holidays and our fee schedule is calculated accordingly, so regular fees are not charges during these times. 

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