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"Wombats" is a Playschool for 3 and 4 year old children and operates out of the community-based Page Preschool. It is organised by a volunteer parent committee and employs two qualified teachers.

Wombats Playschool offers children a stepping-stone to independence from a parent or carer in a supportive and stimulating environment. Wombats Playschool’s main aim is to provide opportunities for the child to enjoy belonging to his or her own social group, to interact cooperatively with peers, and to take responsibility for belongings and equipment

At Wombat's Playschool play is the manner in which children exercise their physical, creative and cognitive resources. Play provides opportunities for physical activity, the development of skills for social interaction, flexible use of material, expression of feelings and ideas as well as the spontaneous use of language. Play is the major means by which children explore and come to understand their world.

Wombats Playschool aims to provide an environment that encourages in each child a sense of security, trust and acceptance of themselves and others. Genuine care and concern will be provided for each child so as they feel happy, safe and comfortable. Individual developmental needs and interests will be respected.

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