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Who Can Attend?

  •  Wombats Playschool is aimed at children who have turned three by the 30th of April in the year of attendance and are expecting to attend Preschool the following year. Our license requires that a parent or carer must accompany the child, for the whole session, until they turn three. This requirement cannot be waived.

  • Children attending Wombats Playschool are expected to be toilet trained, as we do not have the facilities for changing nappies.

  • Also, to protect the other children and their siblings, children are encouraged to be fully immunised for their age.

  • Wombats Playschool welcomes children from all culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

  • We endeavor to make the program available to children with disabilities or special needs. If a child with special needs were to attend Wombats Playschool, the committee would need to know the special requirements for that child so that, if possible, the care for the child could be accommodated. In some cases, it may be necessary for a carer to accompany the child for the duration of the year due to the limited resources of Wombats.

  • Every child can contribute something unique to the group, and we encourage all children to attend.

Can I stay with my child?

  • You are welcome to stay with your child until they are settled, however if they are unsettled, it is often easier if the parent leaves.

  • The teacher will advise the best action in each circumstance.  

  • You are however, welcome to be the roster parent and assist the teachers at Wombats throughout the year.

Will my child learn to read at Wombats Playschool?  

  • All activities will lead towards developing numeracy and literacy skills in future years.

  • All children develop individually and acquire skills at different ages. 

  • If the teacher observes a child with a talent in a particular area, we will guide them individually and cater for their talent.

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