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Our Philosophy

Wombats Playschool is a positive environment where children have the right to belong to a family, a culture and a community and to seek and find meaning in the world they live in.

Children have the right to feel comfortable and welcome and engage in genuine, meaningful and challenging experiences. Children are encouraged to develop positive self-concepts, and build self-esteem and confidence by being part of our community. This development can be done through play and by being supported by nurturing, caring and loving educators.

Children and families have the right to feel safe and explore both the indoor and outdoor natural environments around them and gain knowledge, understanding and respect for the environment and the people within it.

Wombats work in partnership with families to develop the holistic child; partnerships are formed between families and educators building on mutual trust and respect. Wombats is an important part of the wider community and one in which we frequently engage.

Children are acknowledged as individuals and their specific interests and needs recognised when educators plan the daily curriculum. Diversity is respected and embraced as part of our ongoing program.

Wombats provides an environment where children are encouraged to be independent and to continue to develop skills to support them in the years ahead. Children are encouraged to develop and grow these skills through engaging with other children and being part of a fun, warm and stimulating environment.

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